The Mindful Bride, Wedding Planner Tips from  All the Details

When all the vendors are booked, the dress is purchased, the flowers are chosen, and the menu is selected, it’s time to think about all the details; the finishing touches that add small but memorable style and character to any wedding.  Along with the details that guests see, and hopefully commend, there are also behind the scenes necessities that make the event seamless and enjoyable.  Most of these details can wait until the eleventh hour, but need to be considered prior to then so they are not forgotten.

A detail that shouldn’t be delayed until the eleventh hour, but can’t be completed until all the RSVPs are received and the seating chart is complete, is the place cards.  Venues do not typically require the seating chart until two week to ten days before the wedding day.  Place cards can be as simple as a folded piece of card stock to a mini frame or stanchion displaying the name and table number; although pricier place card displays can certainly add up, with costs from $2 to $5 per person.  However, there are many creative economical ways to display place cards, such as a bulletin board or attaching a scratch-off lottery ticket to the place card that adds some extra excitement!

Another detail that requires some moderate time and planning are the wedding party gifts.  It’s always thoughtful to give at least 1 personalized gift to each bridesmaid and groomsmen, and any other gifts can be standardized.  Monogramming is very popular and classy, but consider more personalized gifts for each person, if time and money allows.  One important thing to note, bridesmaids and groomsmen are very touched and appreciative of these personalized gifts, so put it’s worth putting lots of thought into this detail.  And don’t forget parents!  A traditional gift that parents value is an engraved frame with the couple’s wedding date to be filled with the parent’s wedding photo of choice.

Some simpler wedding day details include:  the guest book or matted photograph of the couple to sign, the card box, how Mr. & Mrs. will depart from the reception, tips for the service staff, bag of necessities for the bride (i.e., tissues, deodorant, flip flops, mints, make-up), and the signature cocktail.

Whatever details the bride and groom chooses for their wedding day, it is a way for the couple to illustrate their personal style and gratitude to their wedding party and parents.  Usually one month before the big day, most of the hard work and decisions are complete, so this is the time to work out the wedding day details, and hopefully taking the time to enjoy these small tasks.  This should be a stress-free time, so the bride to be can gather her bridesmaids for wine and hors d'oeuvre for an evening of place card-making!