4 Yoga Retreats Perfect for a Bachelorette Getaway

Bachelorette Yoga Retreats

Photo: Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Why plan a single girls’ night out for your bachelorette BFF when you can plan an entire getaway? And if the bride-to-be in question is a yogi (aspiring, accomplished, or otherwise!), adding a little bit of zen to the trip is a no-brainer. Getting your Warrior II on doesn’t mean you can’t have a totally indulgent escape, too, so here are three yoga retreats—with some serious other goodies thrown in!—that you won’t want to miss.

Tart Yoga Retreat

Photo: Courtesy of Tart

Tart London’s Foodie and Yoga Retreat, Mallorca, Spain
Tart, a London-based catering company that takes event food to a whole new level, is heading to Son Torrella, a sprawling 17th-century villa in the hills of Mallorca, for six days of amazing food, yoga, beauty treatments, and relaxation. With an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and food that’s nourishing and totally delicious, you’ll indulge in two daily yoga classes, cocktails and wine, and plenty of time to explore the surrounding hills and nearby towns with your closest girls.
Tart Foodie and Yoga Retreat in Mallorca, from £1500, August 19th – 25th, 2016. Register here.

Beach ‘n’ Bliss Yoga Retreat in Tulum
Get a little sun alongside your Sun Salutations at Amansala, an eco-chic resort in Tulum with bohemian accommodations, delicious fresh cuisine, and fabulous margaritas. Sign up for one of their scheduled retreats (they offer at least one every month!) or pick the dates that work for you and your girls and schedule your own. Two daily yoga classes, two spa treatments, a Mayan clay treatment, tours of the local areas, cooking demos, and more are included — how’s that for a Mexican getaway?
Beach ‘n’ Bliss Yoga Retreat, from $1,775 for 6 days, dates vary. Register here.

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Secret Yoga Club

Photo: Coke Bartrina

Secret Yoga Club at Villa Lena
Looking for farm-to-table Italian fare alongside your time on the mat? Secret Yoga Club has planned four days of yoga, art, and healing in the heart of Tuscany that will send you home feeling rejuvenated and inspired. With gorgeous apartments, on-site organic vegetable gardens, and nearly a dozen artists-in-residence on the property, Villa Lena is the perfect place to get away from it all. The variety of teachers will appeal to yogis of all levels, and a full moon ceremony will seal in all the positive vibes.
Secret Yoga Club at Villa Lena, from £575, September 15th – 19th, 2016. Register here.

Sonoma Wine and Yoga Weekend
Rather stay stateside? Head to Sonoma for a weekend of wine, fine dining, and yoga amongst the vines. Hosted by Exotic Yoga Retreats, you’ll relax in Child’s Pose between gourmet wine pairing dinners, bike rides between vineyards, an afternoon on the wine trail, and a VIP vineyard tour at Boich Family Cellar. Cheers to the perfect balance between indulgence and mindfulness!
Sonoma Wine and Yoga Weekend, from $850, October 28th – 30th, 2016. Register here.

We Only Have Room for a Few Guests From Our B-List. How Do We Choose Who to Invite?

Things That Stress Out Wedding Guests

Photo: Logan Cole

When you just can’t figure out who to cut off of your wedding guest list, a B-list might seem like a good choice. That way, when RSVPs start rolling in, you’re ready to invite a few additional guests to join in the fun. But what happens if your B-list is long and you’ve only got a few spots left? Our experts have a few tips for how to choose who to invite.

When you’re initially sitting down to make your B-list, get selective. It shouldn’t be “everyone else you want to invite,” but instead a specific group of people who are this close to making the A-list. While it might feel just as hard as cutting down your A-list in the first place, trust us, you’ll be happy you did this early on instead of waiting until the last minute!

Then (keep this part private!) rank them in order of priority. Would you rather invite your childhood friend or your favorite coworker? An extended cousin or your neighbor? Whatever you decide, put your B-list in order from who you REALLY would like to invite to those who would be nice to have or you should probably invite just to be polite. But seriously, keep this list private! You don’t want any feelings getting hurt if your mom accidentally sees that her college best friend is way down at the bottom of the list.

Now that you’ve got everyone in order, it should be much easier to choose which B-list guests get an invitation: Those at the top of the list! You can also reconsider your plus-one policy. Was everyone on your A-list who isn’t married invited with a guest, regardless of their relationship status? For your B-list, limit that privilege to only those in serious relationships so you can maximize the number of invitations available for additional people you know and love.

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Why Your Marriage Won't Be Perfect, and That's Totally OK

marriage advice

Photo: Getty Images

For advice columnist Heather Havrilesky, wedding planning was easy compared to the actual marriage. She learned that when it comes to sharing a life, a home, and a family, there’s no such thing as perfect.

Wedding planning can be all encompassing, and at some point between picking out a dress and choosing a caterer, you may lose sight of the fact that this is just the opening ceremony of a much more rigorous lifelong event: marriage. And that actually requires an entirely different set of skills than hosting a wedding does. Instead of focusing on every little detail in order to get it right, you have to do the exact opposite. You have to let go.

This concept was lost on me as a newlywed. My approach to marriage was identical to my approach to planning the wedding: maintain focus and total control, get everyone up to speed, and strive for excellence in all things. Even though I’d worked hard to be cheerful and accommodating when my fiancé and stepson moved in months before the wedding — I wanted my stepson to like me, and I didn’t want my fiancé to be stressed out — something changed once we said “I do.” We were officially a family now, so the stakes were much higher. It felt like everything we did would set the tone for the rest of our lives together. If the windows were smudgy, if the rug was covered in dog hair, if anyone argued or grew silent and sullen, then that’s how it would be forever. Although I’d never been afraid of commitment before, I think this was how my commitment phobia manifested (after the wedding, ironically): in my certainty that every failure, every flaw, every grumble, every strained silence meant that we’d be chained together, failing and falling short and grumbling and sulking, until the end of time.

I was maybe just a tiny bit oversensitive in those early months of marriage. I was also, not coincidentally, more than a tiny bit pregnant. I’d gone off the pill the minute we got engaged, figuring it would take a while for a 35-year-old to get pregnant. Wrong. So now I was newly married and hormonal, and every single challenge felt like a matter of life or death. I had a yard that needed planting, walls that needed painting, and a full-time job. My husband had to be schooled on how to clean up and buy groceries to my specifications. My stepson had to be schooled on how to put his clean clothes into his drawers and put down the toilet seat. Everything had to be perfect or it would be imperfect for the rest of our lives.

I wouldn’t have admitted this at the time, but I definitely saw myself as the CEO, in charge of the smooth functioning of the household. It was up to me to give everyone the on-the-job training required to perform his duties in a timely fashion. Sadly, this meant that I hovered and nagged around the clock because, it turned out, my husband was far less detail oriented than I was. “This milk wasn’t on my list. It isn’t even organic,” I told him one day upon his return from the grocery store, disbelief in my voice. “I read somewhere that most so-called organic milk isn’t even organic, not really,” he replied.

“Yes, but the brand I specified is one of the truly organic dairy companies!” I snapped. How could he imagine that I hadn’t done my research? Did he even know me at all? “Why does this matter so much to you?” he asked.

That was a good question. But to a pregnant woman, them’s fightin’ words. Of course the milk mattered. The milk mattered because everything mattered. Every oversight or mistake meant one thing: I would be surrounded by filth and hapless, unruly animals forever. And once the baby came, we’d be sleep deprived and everything would be a million times worse. My stepson would decide to live with his mother, and we’d never see him again, and our marriage would fall apart.

My attempts to micromanage us away from our dystopian future only made things worse. My husband — who’d always seemed so relaxed and capable before the wedding — started to forget everything I told him seconds after I said it. He was probably in shock over how he’d landed such a critical, temperamental wife. The dishes piled up in the sink, the laundry accumulated in dirty heaps, and the toilet seat was left up so often that this CEO had to ask herself, Is this merely an employee oversight or an act of direct defiance? “Haven’t we talked about this a million times?!” I yelled at my stepson and husband one day. My husband rolled his eyes at me. My stepson sulked off to his room. They’ll be looking for new career opportunities soon, I thought ruefully, maybe at a company without a growling, red-faced boss lady in charge.

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I wish I could say this thought spurred my immediate reform. But I wouldn’t resign as boss of the household until our second Christmas together, when my stepson gave me a piece of wood as a present. It had a blue felt hat glued on top of it and a very angry face drawn onto it with black ballpoint pen. “It’s a grumpy elf,” he explained. I knew it was me. I was the grumpy elf. So I gave myself a demotion and joined the team. I needed to step back and watch things unfold from the sidelines for a change. I needed to live in the moment and enjoy my messy life. This took some work; I had to force myself to allow things to remain broken, flawed, and out of place. Occasionally I had to ignore the laundry or pour the wrong milk into my cereal (and realize it tasted just as good) or shrug off the toilet seat. I had to breathe deeply and love the imperfect world around me. I realized that this was the only way I’d be happy.

There’s nothing wrong with aiming for the perfect wedding. It won’t actually be perfect, but you might just pull off an unforgettable event. Aiming for the perfect marriage, however, is a terrible idea. All people are flawed, so all marriages are flawed too. Always.

Now, maybe you’re thinking, I’m not crazy like you! I accept the way he tosses his dirty clothes in the corner and uses every single pot when he makes dinner and doesn’t clean up as he goes. Maybe you’re laid-back and mellow — until he leaves the sink full of dishes for the third time this week. And then you’ll want to start an HR file and possibly commence disciplinary action, no matter how delicious his boeuf bourguignon is. If you find yourself slipping into the role of family CEO — which is forgivable in a strong, capable woman who has high standards for her life — just remember that the best bosses let their employees figure things out for themselves. They nudge gently. And sometimes they sit back and pour a martini and say to themselves, This is all going to turn out fine.

These days, I’m just another member of the family, trying to maximize fun, savor every moment, and minimize grumpy outbursts. I’m not always patient, and I’m never perfect, but I’m openhearted enough to recognize when everyone is doing their best. And that’s the thing to remember: As long as you and your husband are being generous with each other and each of you is doing your best most days, then your marriage is as close to perfect as it gets.

Heather Havrilesky writes New York magazine’s Ask Polly advice column and is the author of How to Be a Person in the World.

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Why You Should Keep Your Sex Life Details on the DL, According to a Sex Expert

couple kissing in bed

Photo: Getty Images

Some might argue that the fun of sex can be extended long after it’s over simply by reliving every toe-curling detail with your friends. But while most sex experts encourage open-and-honest communication when it comes to intercourse, that doesn’t necessarily extend to talking about your bedtime routines with your social circle.

“There is value to keeping certain aspects of your sex life private, which doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions or try to solve problems,” says Madeleine Castellanos, M.D., sex expert and author of Wanting to Want: What Kills Your Sex Life and How to Keep It Alive. “But it means not putting your life out there for display.”

Of course, it’s not just about bragging. Keeping mum about what you do between the sheets (and out) stokes your sexual desire and excitement because it nurtures and protects your individual eroticism, Castellanos says. “Part of what adds eroticism and excitement to a sexual relationship is the specialness that comes with the shared knowledge of the details of that relationship,” she explains. “By sharing that information, you risk taking the specialness out of it and reducing it to ordinary. For example, if everyone knew what your partner looked like when he reaches orgasm, it might take the eroticism out of it.”

What’s more, when you reveal the details of your sex life, you open yourself up for comparison. And that, Castellanos warns, can be very bad for your sex life. “When you start to talk to other people about your sex life, it shifts you into competition mode,” she says. “Then it may become about bragging, or worse, it might become about the negative complaints that you have. Either way, this creates a physiological stress response which your brain associates to those thoughts about your sex life.”

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Even if that doesn’t happen, you run the risk of well-intentioned gal pals making you feel badly about what you enjoy. “People love to give their two cents, even if their words of advice are way off,” says Castellanos. “Sometimes suggestions and comments from your friends can be helpful, but everyone and every relationship is different, so what may work for them may not have the same effect for you.”

Of course, sometimes it’s totally OK to share, like “when you genuinely feel good, happy, proud, and you want to celebrate that feeling,” says Castellanos. “This can usually be done without giving all the details of your sex life, and certainly without the attitude of bragging, gloating, or showing off. Just be careful of some of the pitfalls mentioned.”

Vanderpump Rules' Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Throw Epic Bachelor/Bachelorette Party in New Orleans

Vanderpump Rules

Photo: Courtesy of Katie Maloney via Instagram

The cast of Vanderpump Rules is taking over New Orleans to celebrate Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney‘s upcoming wedding, and last night social media exploded with photos from the couple’s bachelor and bachelorette parties.

A lot of the Bravo show’s cast members were in attendance for the festivities, including Jax Taylor, Ariana Madix, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute. Though the bride, groom, and bridal party are all in NOLA at the same time, it looks like they had separate bachelor and bachelorette parties over the weekend.

According to Instagram, Maloney and her party spent a lot of time partying on Bourbon Street after a dinner at Galatoires, Schroeder shared a picture of her father at the dinner, who we’re willing to bet was a surprise guest to the bachelorette party. Funny enough, the groom and his pals also has a meal at Galatoires, but an Instagram post by Taylor leads us to believe that their reservation was at a different time than the bride and her squad.

Besides a Snapchat post obtained by E! News, showing the groomsmen in matching shirts with Schwartz’s face on them, we don’t have a lot of details about these two crazy NOLA parties just yet. Sure, they all posted up a storm on social media over the weekend, but they are mostly just selfies taken on airplanes to and from the party. (It looks like there may have been some strict social media rules in place for the festivities…)

Keeping things under wraps seems to be a theme for the couple’s wedding planning as well, because we still have very few details about their upcoming nuptials. We do know that Maloney found her dream wedding gown at the infamous Klienfelds in New York City with her Vanderpump Rules entourage in tow, but there is no word about the type of dress of designer of the dress.

We may not know anything about the wedding, but now that the bachelor and bachelorette parties are over, the countdown is on until Schwartz and Maloney say “I do” and we can finally get some wedding details.

A photo posted by Katie Maloney (@musickillskate) on Jul 27, 2016 at 10:31pm PDT

A video posted by Katie Maloney (@musickillskate) on Jul 22, 2016 at 10:50pm PDT

A photo posted by Jax taylor (@mrjaxtaylor) on Jul 29, 2016 at 7:14pm PDT

A photo posted by Jax taylor (@mrjaxtaylor) on Jul 29, 2016 at 4:52pm PDT

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BRIDES Southern California: Foodie Couples Will Love These 5 Los Angeles Restaurant Wedding Venues


Photo: Courtesy of Herringbone

If you and your soon-to-be spouse love food as much as you love each other, it’s only fitting for you two lovebirds to host your wedding reception at a restaurant that serves exceptional fare. Luckily, these Los Angeles restaurants offer decadent menus and stunning event spaces that will make your culinary-minded hearts go pitter-patter.

Republique Restaurant Wedding Venue

Photo: via Instagram

With its glorious Gothic arches, exposed brick walls, soaring ceilings, and Instagram-worthy blue floor tiles, Republique sets the scene for a dreamy wedding reception. Housed in an architecturally stunning 1928-built space, the charming French eatery is available for a full buyout and can accommodate a seated dinner for up to 210 of your closet friends and family.

Geoffreys Malibu Restaurant Wedding Venue

Photo: Courtesy of Geoffrey’s Malibu via Instagram

Geoffrey’s Malibu
Exchange vows with your honey with the sparkling Pacific Ocean as your backdrop and then toast your nuptials with a delicious dinner party at this mainstay Malibu restaurant by the sea. Parties larger than 60 can buyout the restaurant for the evening and dig into a mouth-watering menu rife with dishes that run the gamut from grilled filet mignon to Chilean sea bass and creme brulee for dessert. Read real brides’ reviews here!

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Photo: Courtesy of Herringbone


Outfitted in nautical décor and lush greenery, Herringbone is perfect for its beachy ambiance and celebrity chef Brian Malarkey’s inventive seafood fare. The Santa Monica restaurant exudes an irresistible coastal charm that will render every wedding photo Pinterest-worthy. Options include booking the main dining room for a seated dinner of up to 75 guests or a full buyout for 150. Read real brides’ reviews here!

Cafe Pinot Wedding Venue

Photo: Courtesy of Cafe Pinot via Instagram

Cafe Pinot
Serving exquisite California French cuisine, this Downtown Los Angeles restaurant is a picturesque haven radiating with romance. While the restaurant’s Skyroom Terrace is perfect for an intimate reception of 40, but we’re especially in love with its lush garden patio, which seats 100 and is beautifully appointed with fountains and twinkling lights. Read real brides’ reviews here!


Photo: Courtesy of Yashamiro Hollywood

Yashamiro Hollywood
Situated atop the Hollywood Hills, Yamashiro — Japanese for mountain palace — is rich with Hollywood history. Various feature films have been shot on the serene grounds of the Japanese restaurant over the years, and the stunning garden courtyard (complete with a koi pond) is where all the magic happens. Wedding ceremonies and receptions can be hosted in the al fresco courtyard, which seats 150. As for the menu, you can choose to go buffet or sit-down style and treat your guests to dishes like grilled wagyu sirloin and shoyu-glazed black cod.

Still need some venue inspiration? Check out our Local Vendors page!

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Where to Honeymoon in Greece Before Hitting the Islands

Honeymoon Athens Greece

Photo: Getty Images

The Greek islands have honeymoon written all over them: cliffside villas, endless beaches, and sun that stretches on for days. But before jetting off to a glam locale like Santorini, spend some time on shore soaking up the historic sites in Athens and the Grecian countryside during an escape that’s both cosmopolitan and off-the-beaten path for a two-part honeymoon that blends the best of both worlds.

Get your bearings (and recover from any nagging jetlag) in the Grecian capital and largest city in the country, Athens, which has been the center of civilization for over 4,000 years. Don’t worry about trying to squeeze thousands of years of sightseeing into your first day, though &mdahs; instead, cozy up in one of the city’s gorgeous hotels and make the most of what a honeymoon’s supposed to offer. Couples after Old World vibes will love the centrally located Hotel Grand Bretagne, sitting right off of Syntagma Square. The landmark traces back to 1874 and features furnishings just as historic. Want the royal treatment? After any wedding day woes, you deserve it. Suites not only come with luxe Acqua di Parma amenities (and views of Acropolis Hill), they also include butler service.

NEW Hotel Greece

Photo: Courtesy of NEW Hotel

Just a few blocks away near Plaka, the city’s historical neighborhood, the 79-room NEW Hotel is the perfect spot for design savvy couples looking for something with a bit more edge. Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana dreamt up the hotel’s whimsical design that plays on elements of both their home country and Grecian charm — evil eyes abound, as does local artwork, vintage photographs and bamboo flooring. From here, you’re just a 10-minute walk from the Parthenon, where you can indulge in sweeping views of the city from the top of the Acropolis. Before heading to the main attraction, start first at the newish Acropolis Museum, built right over an excavation site with transparent flooring that allows you to look down and let your inner passion for archeology shine through.

When it comes to starting the night, NEW’s rooftop lounge is a romantic spot to sit with an apéritif before heading to another local favorite, Papadakis, where the charming chef and owner, Argiro (whose fans include designer Jean Paul Gaultier), is sure to make the two of you feel like family while serving up island-inspired cuisine from her native Paros. The eatery is known for its seafood, with dishes that play on flavors and textures like the octopus with honey, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet wine and fried potato chips.

Before heading out to the country for part deux, stop for a feel-good brunch at nice n easy, the first of Dimitris and Chef Christos’ organic bistro outposts that set the mark for this kind of fare in the city. Brunch sounds American — omelets, French Toast, pancakes — but every dish here has distinct Grecian flavor, whether its locally sourced raisins or in-house cured salmon.

Eumelia Farmhouse Greece

Photo: Courtesy of Eumelia

Then it’s time to hit the road with your other half exploring the countryside surrounding Athens, pausing for a pit stop in the historic city of Sparta, known for its local cuisine like syglina, or pork smoked with herbs, and caves dating to the Neolithic ages. Your final stop is the ultimate in eco getaways: Eumelia, an organic farmhouse stay in the heart of Laconia, set between the mountain ranges of Taygetos and Parnonas, just 10 minutes from the sea. If you were looking for a place where you can really take it easy and enjoy being newlyweds, this is the one.

Nights are spent under the stars that glow by the thousands as you curl up under blankets on your porch with a glass of local vino, with no other distraction but your other half. During the day, take part in anything from a couples’ cooking course learning how to whip up Greek specialties like spinach pies or head up one of the mountains for a half-day hike or horseback ride. In summer, there’s also the option of basking and kayaking on nearby Fokianos Bay before heading back to your humble abode for the evening, a traditional Greek farmhouse that has the most modern of amenities yet still feels like you’re millions of miles away from the outside world.

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Help! One of Our Guests Never Received His Wedding Invitation

How to Cut Invitation Costs

Photo: Courtesy of Jolly Edition

Mailing out wedding invitations is hard work. After you’ve chosen a design, selected the wording, and made a guest list, you’ve still got to compile addresses, assemble, and get those things in the mail — Phew! And with so many details involved, no amount of double- and triple-checking can guarantee there won’t be an error somewhere along the way. If that error means one of your guests doesn’t get his or her wedding invitation, what’s a bride to do? Our experts weigh in.

Whether it was lost in the mail or mis-addressed, finding out a guest didn’t get a wedding invitation is frustrating. It is especially so if you find out because you never get their RSVP, instead of because the invitation was returned to you, which means the time until your wedding is quickly ticking away.

While you won’t know if the invitation was lost until you ask, this is a great reason to promptly follow up on any outstanding RSVPs shortly after the deadline has passed. If a guest informs you that they never got an invite, start off by apologizing, then giving them all of the pertinent information. You can mail an extra invitation to them, or follow up with an email detailing the when and where of your wedding, as well as any information you’ll need from them (such as where they’re planning to stay and their meal choice).

Remember, you shouldn’t expect a guest to reach out to you if they don’t get an invitation, no matter how close you are. Asking if they’re invited is impolite, and most guests wouldn’t dream of imposing on a bride-to-be! Instead, if you’re curious why someone on your list has been avoiding wedding talk when you’re around (or why you haven’t gotten any excited phone calls or texts), ask if they’ve gotten the information they need or if they had any questions about what you have planned. Best case scenario, they’ve got other things on their mind, and worst case, now you know their invite got lost and you can take steps to fix it!

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WATCH: This Fun-Filled Austin Party Is Everything You Want in a Wedding

The weekend is here, and for most soon-to-be brides and grooms, that means some much-needed (and uninterrupted!) wedding planning. Whether you’re at the very beginning of the process or just weeks away from your own big day, there’s a good chance you’re still looking for a little — okay, or a lot — of inspiration to pull off the biggest party of your life. One of our favorite ways to gather up fresh ideas? Our real weddings video channel! Each week we’re highlighting one of our favorite love stories, and today we’re taking you inside Libby and Peter’s laid-back wedding in Austin, Texas.

This duo invited guests (and videographer 63 Films) to Palm Door, an urban loft space in the heart of the city’s downtown scene. It was the perfect backdrop for Libby and Peter’s colorful celebration, which was filled with bright-hued flowers (think: bold coral, deep burgundy, and pops of yellow) and lots of love. From the bride’s flower crown and the groom’s boutonniere to the ceremony altar covered in fresh blooms and the couple’s adorable pup ring bearer, who wore a garland of fragrant roses, this couple made sure to pay attention to the fine details.

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This wedding wasn’t just beautiful, it was also incredibly sweet and emotional. The groom choked up during their first look and then once again during the ceremony. While there were no apparent tears from the bride, her ear-to-ear grin was Libby’s best wedding day accessory. Another awesome part about the bride’s big day look? Her convertible wedding dress! We loved that her flowing ceremony frock was transformed into a party-ready cocktail-length dress for the reception.

The reception looked like a total blast, too. Despite the groom’s broken arm, he was on the dance floor all evening long. Some guests (and the bride!) even busted out slings for the dance party — talk about making a guy feel comfortable!

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Kym Johnson Just Had the Most Epic Bachelorette Party (with a Celebrity Crasher!)

Kym Johnson

Photo: Getty Images

As far as celebrity bachelorette parties go, Dancing With the StarsKym Johnson‘s Vegas bash last night might just be the one to beat.

To celebrate her upcoming nuptials to Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec, Johnson and her friends took over Sin City, PEOPLE reports. And with a penthouse pad,a JLo concert, and even a famous party crasher, this bachelorette bash is about to make brides everywhere seriously jealous.

The event was hosted by Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, where the bride-to-be and her pals hung out in an exclusive penthouse suite before dining at Koi. After dinner, they had VIP seats to see Jennifer Lopez’s show at Planet Hollywood, All I Have, and even got to hang out backstage after the show. See? Told ya you’d be jealous!

And JLo wasn’t the only celeb to hang out with Johnson and her bridal crew last night. According to a series of Instagram posts by Johnson, she and her pals ran into Nicole Kidman at the show, too! Yep, that happened.

The photos (see below) feature Johnson, dressed up in the typical bachelorette party uniform — a white dress and tiny tiara and veil. The dancing pro captioned one of the pics, “And then I met Nicole Kidman, what a whirlwind bachelorette I had…” And by the smiles of her and Kidman partying it up in Johnson’s concert VIP box, it looks like there may be a new celebrity friendship in the works! Got room in your bridal party for one more, Johnson?

So how did the bride-to-be feel about her one-of-a-kind Vegas bachelorette bash?

“You can’t go wrong with Vegas,” she told PEOPLE. “It’s classic! My friends all flew in from London and Australia and it’s the perfect way to celebrate.”

Even her future hubby Herjavec had something to say about her party. According to PEOPLE, Herjavec had some advice for Johnson before she left. “Remember, it’s not true what they say, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas!”

We beg to differ, Rob…

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